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carbon fiber sheets
Next generation carbon fiber sheets, made with high quality materials using hi-tech equipment and tools. 

Characterized by exceptional strength and lightness, these ultra high quality carbon fiber sheets are suitable for various applications - industrial production, mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, marine and many other technical business areas. 

carbon fiber sheets plates
Composite sheets

Our composite sheets are used not only as decoration, but also as stable supporting parts where lightness and ultimate strength is required. Crossing multiple layers of carbon fiber weavers, the sheets are very efficient when supporting weights.

With these composite panels and sheets it is possible to build an incredibly light and strong constructions and to reinforce existing objects and structures. They find application in aeronautics, robotics, R/C models, marine industry and etc.

Can be combined with core materials, scroll down for more information.

carbon fiber sheets
Carbon fiber sheets

Thickness: 1 to 10mm

Double matte finish. High gloss on request. Different sizes or shapes.

carbon kevlar sheets
Carbon-kevlar sheets

Thickness: 1 to 10mm

Hybrid sheets with maximum strength and lightness

carbon fiber sheets cnc cutting
CNC cutting services

Using high technology computer controlled cutting machines we are able to manufacture different products out of carbon sheets. We are specialized in engineering compex parts for different machines for production.


Different parts require different technology of production regarding their purpose. Using special diamond tipped drills and spindles we are able to cut and drill all kinds of complex composite materials.

mapal drill carbon detail
Core composite panels

The strength-to-weight ratio becomes higher when the thickness grows. When more thickness is desired we manufacture panels with core materials - foam, aluminium or kevlar honeycombs and etc.

Thickness of the core:

3, 5, 10, 25mm

PVC foam core
composite panel carbon fiber pvc foam core
aluminium honeycombs core composite panels
aluminium honeycombs

Thickness of the core:

10, 15, 20mm

aramid honeycombs core composite panels
aramid honeycombs

Thickness of the core:

2, 3, 5, 10mm

No matter if the core material is PVC foam or a honeycomb, our composite panels are made from carbon fiber sheets and core materials with different thickness and density. Used in various technical business areas, these panels are the best you can get. Made in Europe.

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