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polyester resins composite production carbon fiber
Epoxy and polyester resins for your composite production. 

The epoxy resins and hardeners are closely related to the processing of composite materials and occupy a major part in the production process and application. This two-component resin is combined with fast hardener for optimal results when processing.

epoxy resins carbon fiber production
Epoxy resins

Package: 1.27 kg, 13kg

Two-component resin with fast hardener. UV-light resistant.

polyester resins fiberglass production
Polyester resins

Package: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 230kg

Combined with fiberglass weavers or mats, this resin works great when processing.

Using these quality resin systems you will be able to produce details with perfect quality and characteristics. Epoxy resins are especially intended to work with carbon fiber fabrics, while the polyester resin are suitable to work with glass weavers and CSM.

fiberglass polyester resins

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