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Details. For the majority of the passionate fans in the automotive industry the details are as important as the vehicle itself.

We can fulfill your special requirements in every aspect of the exterior and interior improvement. Here we present to you small part of our work on different automobiles. In the years of hard work and many different projects we gained confidence and trust in our clients to improve the look of their high-end luxury cars.

Porsche Panamera 4S Turbo

This Porsche Panamera has entirely new body - front and rear bumpers, fenders, sideskirts, diffuser. We installed LED daylights and we polished the whole car. The interior of the car was also tuned - we placed carbon fiber panels and details. As a finish we painted the car in silver matt paint.


On this project we were supposed to improve the look of the Bentley by installing fiberglass bodykit improvements on the front and rear bumbers and sideskirts, carbon fiber mirrors and rear spoiler. The results were impressive.

Mercedes-benz s63 amg

The huge front chrome grill is replaced entirely by carbon fiber grill. The trunk strip was also deinstalled and replaced by carbon fiber strip, lacquered with ceramic polish.

porsche carrera s 997

On this sports car we customized the mirrors by replacing them with carbon fiber caps. New bodykit were installed, sharpening the front and rear bumpers and the sideskirts. As a desert we installed carbon fiber rings on the headlights.

aston martin dbs

This supercar needed minor enhancements to sharpen its aggressive sporty look. On the front bumper were installed two lip spoilers, made entirely from carbon fiber. The hood was improved, the rear diffuser was replaced by carbon fiber diffuser.

Lamborghini gallardo replica

lamborghini tuning

We transform a Toyota MR2 into a Lamborghini replica.Exactly copy of the fenders, hoods, doors and the whole body of the supercar. Doors opening up is possible by installing a special hinges.

Mitsubishi lancer evo x

Full carbon fiber body. Super lightweight. Polished carbon fiber parts - hood, spoiler, trunk and bumpers.

Lamborghini gallardo

Some cars just don't need massive improvements, but to be lighter is very important. On this Lamborghini we repaired some damage on the front bumper and installed rear carbon fiber diffuser and front lip spoiler.

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