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gfrp frp glass resin pultruded profiles industrial fiberglass reinforcement
GFRP profiles
Strong and durable composite profiles, produced by pultrusion process using glass reinforcements and polyester resins.

Pultrusion is a production method for constant cross sectioned composite materials. Fiberglass rovings are passed through a resin mixture and then generally, this procedure is followed by a pre-shaping system. Then, the fiberglass rovings enter into a mould, where the resin goes under a polymerization reaction. Suitable for pultrusion are polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester and epoxy resins.

Product properties
  • high mechanical strength

  • corrosion resistant

  • fire resistant

  • chemical resistant

  • lightweight and durable

  • dielectrical material

Gratings are lightweight, dielectrical and fire resistant. Suitable for installing on platforms, floors, sidewalks and other surfaces. Compared to other materials they are providing one of the highest strength to mass ratio. One of the key features is the corrosion resistance, which lasts many years without any need of painting or waxing. 

gfrp frp glass resin pultruded profiles industrial fiberglass reinforcement
frp profiles angles
frp profiles square tubes
square tube
frp profiles
round tube
frp profiles I beam
I beam
frp profiles kick plate
kick plate
frp profiles flat strip
flat strip
frp profiles solid rod
solid rod
frp profiles fluted tubes
fluted tube
frp profiles U channel
U channel
frp profiles gratings flooring platform

Offering a wide variety of shapes and sizes, GFRP products are preffered in many different business areas - construction, marine, chemistry, aviation and many other industrial sectors. Combining strength and lightweight these new generation products are taking their advantage over the standard industrial materials.

Individual construction projects
construction projects fiberglass profiles

We are able to develop custom projects for construction of different structures, building skeletons, platforms, oil rigs, facility securing, railings and stairs and other projects.


Please contact us for more detailed information about custom projects.


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