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fishing boats fiberglass norwegian design
Fiberglass boats for fishing or tourism.
Enjoy your time spent in the nature.

Solid fiberglass boats, made from high quality fiberglass weavers, mats and polyester resins. Norwegian design of the fiberglass hull, airtight sections at the bottom. Incredible hydrodinamics, short shaft outboard engine with maximum power up to 15 HP. Color white. Warranty 24 months.

fishing boats fiberglass norwegian design

Length: 3m

Width: 1.40m

Weight: 60kg

Load capacity: 4 people



fishing boats fiberglass norwegian design

Length: 4m

Width: 1.60m

Weight: 120kg

Load capacity: 6 people




This video shows a test in the water of a 4.00m boat with a 10 Horse Power engine. The boat is gliding very well because of the perfect hydrodinamics.


Please contact us to get price quote for the chosen product.

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