Make yourself a wonderful composite. Use quality consumables for vacuum bagging or infusion. You can do it.

We offer several different kinds of vacuum consumables, suitable with every type of resins and composite materials.

Vacuum bagging

One of the most known techniques for composite manufacturing is vacuum bagging. The process is ideally suited to the manufacture of carbon fibre composites and is widely used by professional manufacturers for the production of carbon fibre body panels such as bonnets and by marine manufacturers for the production of boat hulls.

Vacuum film

Thickness: 75mc

Max.temp: 180°C

Width: 1.50m - tube


Infusion mesh

Width: 145cm

Roll length: 100lm

Width: 161cm

Roll length: 100lm

Peel ply
Sealant tape

Roll length: 15m - black

Breather fabric

Width: 152cm

Roll length: 100lm

Release film

Width: 122cm

Roll length: 100lm

Super strong two-component glue intended for bonding composite materials, sheets, tubes or other composite products. Using specially designed glue gun you can bond all kinds of materials - carbon/carbon, carbon/metal and etc.

SA10-05 - black - 5 minutes hardener

SA10-15 - black - 15 minutes hardener

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