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Genuine leather

There is no other feeling like the smell of  luxurious leather car interior. High quality natural skins are available in order to be used in the upholstery of your vehicle. Being exclusive is no longer impossible. Its your choice.
No matter if you drive a BMW or a Maserati, you can choose from a variety of leathers to make your vehicle impressive.

Nappa leather

Noted for its soft temper, this type of lamb leather is distinguished by its smooth and fine grain surface, finished with more transparent dyes. The natural characteristics of the skin material are well visible because they are not covered by paints and coatings. Soft touch and high quality are making this leather an extraordinary product.
automotive leather nappa perforated artificial

Artificial leather

Automotive artificial leather is preffered by many clients because of the quality and the low price. The sustainability of any weather conditions and UV rays makes this product perfect for your car interior. Variety of colors available on request.
artificial leather car interior

Perforated leather

We have wide variety of perforated leather skins - artificial and genuine leather. Round hole perforation makes the product look and feel better. Recommended for seats with heating or cooling.

Please contact us to get price quote for the chosen product.

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alcantara automotive leather
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