Smooth surface. Silk touch.  Avantgarde material with aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities that no other material can equal.

The fabric is composed of about 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane, giving increased durability and stain resistance.  The appearance and tactile feel of the material is similar to that of suede, and it may be incorrectly identified as such. Some versions are designated as flame retardant in order to meet certain fire standards for both furnishings and automobile applications. As distributor of genuine Alcantara® fabrics for Bulgaria we will be glad to offer you these high quality products.

Alcantara® Products

There are several different variables of the Alcantara® material. Some are specified for upholstery of soft furniture, others are flame retardant. Take a look and choose the product that suits your needs.

Alcantara® Colorado

Thickness: 1.00 - 1.30mm

Unit Weight: 350±40 gr/m2

Best seller product. Most preffered for sofas, chairs and other soft furniture.

Alcantara® Touch

Thickness: ≥ 3mm

Unit Weight: ≥ 370 gr/m2

Foam backing supports the fabric and increases the softness of the detail.

Alcantara® Master

Thickness: 0.73 ÷ 0.93mm

Unit Weight: 230±30 gr/m2

Intended for upholstery of thin details because of his thickness and pliability.

Alcantara® Master FR

Thickness: 0.73 ÷ 0.93mm

Unit Weight: ≥ 275 gr/m2

Flame retardant version of Master model. Slightly heavier.

Alcantara® Relax

Thickness: ≥  0.95mm

Unit Weight: ≥ 340 gr/m2

Similar to the Colorado model, this product is slightly thinner and lighter.

Alcantara® Avant

Thickness: ≥  0.95mm

Unit Weight: ≥ 450 gr/m2

Intended for products, where more strength and durability are desired.

Alcantara® Domino

Thickness: ≥  0.95mm

Unit Weight: ≥ 335 gr/m2

Square perforated fabric, suitable for variable products.

Alcantara® Starlite

Thickness: ≥  0.95mm

Unit Weight: ≥ 340 gr/m2

Round perforation with embossed silver dots. FR version also available.

Discover the color chart

There are plenty of colors available on request. Click here to view the color card:

Alcantara® Metamorphosis

Inspired by natural elements, Metamorphosis reveals a "hand-made" spirit while highlighting the overall distinctiveness of a material that is perfect blend of style and technology, beauty and performance.

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