Carbon fiber accessories.
The perfect gift for your family, friends or collegues.

These accessories are suitable for corporate gifts, advertising products or just to suprise your loved ones. These exclusive accessories are distinguished by great quality with a note of next generation technologies.

Smartphone cases

Made from pure carbon fiber. Ultra thin and lite. Scratch-free. No-swet surface.

iPhone 6s / 6 / 5s 

Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5



Wine bottle holder

Elegant and futuristic, this wine bottle holder is intended to bring beauty into your modern home or office. Available in two varieties of lacquer finish - matte or high gloss. 

Plates and dishes

Design pieces on your table. Using secret technology of glass lamination, these plates are intended to decorate your home or restaurant. Perfect gift for everyone.

rectangular plates

sizes: 13x27cm / 17x34cm

triangle plates

sizes: 19cm - 24cm - 29cm

sauce dish



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